Elizabeth (bubblegumpurism) wrote in celebritybooks,

Tab Hunter Confidential

Tab Hunter's autobiography was probably my most-awaited book of the year, and luckily it did not disappoint.

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Worshipped by millions for his flawless good looks, Tab Hunter was really just Art Gelien, a shy boy who loved horses and had little interest in a movie career. Tab tells all about it in his book (though there's probably almost as much about horses as there is about movies!). He also talks about his relationship with Anthony Perkins, his arranged dates with Hollywood starlets, and how he almost married Etchika Choureau. Oh, and the infamous dog-beating scandal that nearly ruined his career. Later on, he has nothing but glowing praise for Divine and John Waters -- I especially enjoyed the story of John's first encounter with Tab.

There are also lots of nice pictures throughout the book, and I learned that Tab was originally supposed to star in 77 Sunset Strip. Oh what might have been! In closing, if you have any interest in '50s Hollywood and the aftermath of the studio system's end, I'd recommend reading Tab Hunter Confidential.

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