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I just finished the book "I Love The Illusion: The Life and Career of Agnes Moorehead". First off I must say that it really is a GREAT read. These are the kind of books that make me love biographies. It's informative but not boring. It's interesting but the author doesn't tell you a bunch of lies. For those of you who arn't farmiliar with who Agnes Moorehead is she was a great character actress. Her most famous role is Endora on "Bewitched". The author said when asked by people who he was writing about when he answered Agnes Moorehead he would get a blank stare and he would then have to say "........Endora on the TV show 'Bewitched'" for them to realize who he was actually talking about.

Although most people don't know her because she played mostly supporting roles but she was in a great number of widly known films. Some of her films include "Citizen Kane", "Hush....Hush Sweet Charlotte", "The Singing Nun", "How the West Was Won", "Show Boat", "Johnny Belinda", and MANY others. In total she was in 74 films.

I never really knew Agnes from anything but "Bewitched" and a few of her more well-known films. And I was fascinated to learn about her life. And it has many rare photos

The title comes from the fact that Agnes always felt that a "true glamourous star" should remain aloof. And so she kept herself very private, when asked by friends why she was so private she would reply..."I love the illusion"




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