it's me (annaclaire) wrote in celebritybooks,
it's me

The original square Jewish lady from Sioux City, Iowa.

I am currently reading the unauthorized biography of Ann Landers and her twin sister Dear Abby and I have to say I am glad I was always an Ann Landers fan. That Dear Abby was a total sea hag, and not in a good way.

Dear Abby on Ann, from the book: "Eppie wanted to be the first violin in the school orchestra, but I was...She swore she'd marry a millionaire, but I Eau Claire, she was always known as Popo's sister."

Ann on Abby: "She's just like a kid who beats a dog until somebody looks, and then starts petting it."

Jeez. The book implies that they ended their feud just in time to attend their 40th high school reunion as a huge publicity stunt. And Abby was always jealous of Ann's nose job. I am only about halfway through the book, so further scandal is forthcoming, I'm sure.
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