Kicked Out of Zolar X (phyllisgabor) wrote in celebritybooks,
Kicked Out of Zolar X

dishy dames

Last week I read The Divine Feud, Shaun Considine's juicy, exhaustive history of the legendary feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The reviews were mixed when it was released, but I loved it.

This book has everything a fan of Davis or Crawford could want: laundry lists of sexual liaisons, tales of petty schoolgirl pranks on the set of Baby Jane, nasty quotes, and some really salacious stuff on the mysterious death of Bette Davis' second husband and Joan Crawford's blue movie.

Also, you get to learn about Joan Crawford's attempt to seduce Rock Hudson even though she had heard the rumors: "relax baby, pretend I'm Clark Gable."

A great beach read, and full of enough gossip and backbiting for at least fifteen cocktail parties. Get it!
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