it's me (annaclaire) wrote in celebritybooks,
it's me

more dale evans.

Another Dale Evans inspirational text about her adopted child who suffered a tragic early death. I swear to god, she had these kids offed so she could write books about them.

More info forthcoming.
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What does it say below the title? In Ai Lee?
Is it possible that Dale Evans had that mental disease that makes you hurt your children to get attention? I'm dead serious, she's scaring me!
I KNOW. after the first book ("angel unaware"), i was like, okay, fine, it must be rough to lose a child. the second one about her son sandy kinda weirded me out, especially because it was more about her than her kid. this one is just over the limit!
You mean Munchausen's by certainly seems that way! Wonder if they were ever investigated?

That's the one--she MUST have had it. There's no other explanation for the string of dead foster kids that followed Dale Evans around.

On a less grim note, love your icon!