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Oh Snap, Joan!

Right now I'm reading Conversations with Joan Crawford, a collection of interviews conducted by Roy Newquist between 1962 and 1977. I'm only up to page 70, and I've been consistently amazed by her ability to hurl verbal knives at Hollywood Royalty young and old alike.

Some examples:


"Maybe all that time hanging around the sets, watching Norma Shearer make the most of her three expressions was a help."

"Pity poor Norma; she was slightly cross-eyed, worse than Karen Black, to be truthful, so everything had to be carefully arranged, especially her. (TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE!)


"I wasn't like Loretta Young in her silly television show, swishing on in the most absurd concoctions every fag designer could invent. My God, those gowns wouldn't have lasted ten minutes in real life!" (again, TWO BIRDS, ONE STONE!)


"I'm not crazy about the product--most Disney films are made for retarded children--but the Disney brothers seemed to know who and where their audience was."


"Good Lord. I may come out like Doris Day in that interview you did with her, forgetting everything but my name."


"You ask too many goddamned questions."

And finally, JOAN ON JOAN:

"If I weren't a Christian Scientist, and I saw Trog advertised on a marquee across the street, I think I'd contemplate suicide."

Despite the disturbing casual homophobia, this is a must-read for Joan Crawford fans.

pageant 2
Bonus feature: Joan poses with the ill-fated Dorothy Kilgallen
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You should hear her get into the Last Tango in Paris controversy--I don't know if I'm more shocked that she actually saw the movie or that she says, "I certainly hope that butter was unsalted."
I love that book! Everyone always thinks of Joan's feud with Bette Davis, but she hated Norma Shearer for an even longer time. During her MGM era, I believe Joan said something to the effect of "The only reason she gets all the good roles is because she sleeps with the boss."
Now that's REALLY the pot calling the kettle beige.
Reading her comments about Norma Shearer made watching The Women that much more enjoyable to me. And I hate to say it, but Norma S. was a little cross-eyed...
Even though it makes me have more in common with Joan Crawford than I would like, I can't help loving her for hating Disney movies.
I was wondering if she made her remarks about Disney around the same time Bette Davis was in Return to Witch Mountain, but it came out a year after she died. DAMN!

Amazing. I love it!
Also, have you read Crawford's Men? That one has a promising title...
As any luck would have it, it's in the pile of books I picked up at the district center library on Sunday! I'll report back with all the details.

It's a quick and dirty read--I love it and wish I still had my own copy.